Karen Fox, Psychic & Director, Aspen Program

Spirit Mediumship

Family Portrait Circa 1910

I am a medium, which means I communicate with "the other side" or what I like to call, other realms of awareness.  My clients have differing beliefs about what this alternate reality stuff is all about.  Some believe in spirit guides and teachers, while others focus on angels.  Those with scientific leanings explore these ideas in the context of parallel universes and energy fields.  Most view death as a passing into another realm, and we can communicate with people there.  I have also had clients who don't hold any of these beliefs.
I respect all views.  I enjoy exploring the mysteries of awareness or consciousness, and I keep an open mind about what is "out there."

"At 57, I've been consciously on my 'healing path' for over 25 years.  I've received many, many readings from gifted intuitives, mediums and psychics.  NEVER have I received a reading as poignant, and meaningful as that with Karen.  She has an authentic gift that can be trusted.  Her ability to communicate with the spirit world in a gentle and clear way has provided me with tangible guidance and clarity in a time of transitional uncertainty.  If you truly desire and are ready to receive guidance from beyond the veil, you will be well served by spending some valuable time with Karen."  --Annie
"Karen Fox is an unusually gifted soul, not confined by physical boundaries, she is able to mediate extraordinary spiritual contact and illumination for the other side.  She has helped me to transform my life and has kept me in touch with a great love.  Her readings are heartfelt and enlightening.  Karen, keep doing it!"  -- Judy